"It's amazing to me how I can watch Sarah and see how much she has improved under your tutelage.  You have done wonders with Sarah and I appreciate all that you have done.  She has become a totally different person in her confidence in communication.  What a blessing it is."  - Kymberly
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MEGAN CAMPBELL, Owner/Director of Campbell Speech Pathology, is a PROMPT trained, pediatric speech-language pathologist who enjoys providing speech therapy services that address the communication needs of children and families in and around Mercer Island, WA.  Megan is dedicated to providing result-driven, caring and fun therapies utilizing research-based treatment techniques. 

Megan’s practice is founded on the principle of providing a family-centered, individualized, and caring approach to speech and language therapy.  In addition to using a multi-modality method (tapping into a child’s visual, verbal, auditory, and tactile senses), Megan enjoys developing therapy plans that are tailored specifically to the needs of each unique child and encourages a team-approach -- communicating with family members, educators and/or other professionals working with the child to optimize carryover of skills into all areas of the child’s life.   Megan understands that communication can be daunting and frustrating at times for children.  She strives to use a light-hearted, motivational (and sometimes silly!) approach to connect with and establish a positive rapport with her clients. Helping children reach their goals, increase their confidence and achieve communicative success, is what drives her practice.  

If you have concerns or questions regarding your child’s speech and/or language development, please do not hesitate to contact Megan to gain additional information about developmental norms and to learn whether your child might benefit from a speech/language screening, evaluation and/or treatment.

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